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Welcome to the Snoop Dog House where you can see some pictures of my favorite family pets.  All of our pets have always had such good personalities and I feel that they need a page all to there own.  Some are still living but most have passed and we should all remember them for the great friends that they were!


        There's a Cat in the Dog House!!!!!

The only cat that could live in a house full of dogs and still be the King is the one and only----KITTY!!!


          What a Cutie but full of attitude!  If you don't like Cats, he knows it and he will make sure you like him by the time you leave.  His motto:  If you can't win them with charm at least wear them down.

Sadly Kitty lost his battle with Kitty cancer and died in July 2001. He will be missed by all.

Let's look at some of the Dog's Mr. Kitty has tormented through the Years.....

    First and foremost there are the 2 that were there in the beginning...

    These 2 were like Bonnie and Clyde... We used to always wonder what they were doing when we left the house.  From Rags and her bowl scraping and TALKING ("Bear, get off the couch") and ("Who is it?")  to Bear and his never fail let's go swimming in the middle of winter...Who cares if the tarp is on the pool.  Those two were the best most loyal and humorous dogs I have ever known.  They were like a married couple even to the end.  Bear cried for weeks because he knew Rags was at the end, she passed and then he did one year later.  We miss them both very much and they will always be remembered in our hearts.


Above is Rags...Bear is soon to follow.....


    Then came Doxen (his friends called him Doxie).....

    Everyone was scared of Doxie... If you even looked like you were going to hurt my Brother he was all over you like a fat couple at a buffet.  But if he knew you, you were his best friend.  He was a slight pain in the ass, I will give him that, but he has a good pain in the ass.  You had to love Doxie.  I think the best way to describe Doxie was the way John put it on his last day:

Yesterday the best dog in the world moved on.

Doxie was the most faithful, courageous dog I have ever met. NOTHING could

keep him down. Years of hunting and protecting finally caught up with him.

Time just took it's toll. Even up until the last moment, Doxie stared death

in the face fearlessly, requiring two shots to put him to rest. He knew what

was happening, and he was ready for it.

Please think of him today, and remember him how he used to be, strong,

graceful, faithful, and courageous. He will be with us forever, watching

over everyone he loved.

Finally He runs with the big dogs again!

Doxie Zuniga Forti



7/16/86 - 11/01/00

And now for the new edition to the family... Lumiere a.k.a Piggy.

This girl is so damn cute.  She was such a little thing when she was brought home, now she is HUGE!  This is by far the most obedient dog that has ever been in the family.  Of course, there were a few incidents in the beginning...Greeting Mom at the door with a Christmas Ornament in her mouth...but other than that she is a great dog.  She too will chew you up and spit you out if you look like hurting John.  If you have ever seen Turner and Hooch you know the problem she has with slobber.  It's everywhere!  Gotta love Lumiere!


There are many more animals from our family that I would like to show.... I will add them as I get pictures.  I don't think anyone had as many animals as our family, and we loved them all.  May they all rest in peace!

In Memory of Doxie, Bear, Rags, Red, Cherry, Dark Star, Misty, all the birds, ducks, geese, horses (not mentioned), any other dogs, Tom the turkey, the goat, the peacock, the guinea pig, the rabbits, and all others not mentioned.

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